Meadow Creek Golf Course

Meadow Creek Golf Course is a nine-hole course that offers some surprising challenges to golfers.  Deer, coyotes, eagles or bears are sometimes seen from the fairways.  Meadow Creek Golf Course has some hilly terrain, a wicked dogleg, and a creek that runs through it. This golf course is at approximately 1,100 metres above sea level which means if you've been golfing in the surrounding valley's you'll get a bit more distance out of every shot because of the lower air density!  It also makes for a bit cooler temperatures over the hot summer months.   For more information you can call Meadow Creek Golf Course at 250-523-6666 or check out their website.  

Disc Golf

Disc golf is one the fastest growing sports in British Columbia, and Logan Lake has one of the wickedest 18-hole courses anywhere. Disc Golf is a game in which individual players throw a disc into a basket or at a target. The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. Copper Ridge is one of the best in BC and has elements of every course out there. You’ll enjoy short technical stuff and long Kamloops-style holes.  For family enjoyment, take advantage of our disc golf course, this activity is suitable for all ages and it is free. Contact the Logan Lake WHY for information and rentals at 250-523-6229.

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